Rules and Terms

Ensuing are the guidelines of what is expected of a Mystery member. Each player is expected to follow these terms while within this playing environment. Regardless of how big our ego is and how much is at stake, it is important to always have good sportsmanship and conduct yourself in a respectful manner.

  1. Proper Etiquette: It's important addressing others in a respectable fashion, its crucial.
  2. Sportsmanship: Foul language and unjust complaining will not be tolerated.
  3. Trash Talking & Unjust Exposing: Is unacceptable, having fun by making someone be hated in the community is not an ideal of good will and spirit within MYSTERY.
  4. Rage Quitting: This Is unacceptable under all circumstances. If any MCG member rage quits, this player will get kicked out immediately. Or we'll investigate and find proof why this member is doing this!!
  5. Lag Switching: Is unacceptable under all circumstances.
  6. Zero Politics: this rule was implemented due to the fact that our members blocked each other for different political ideals!  This way we all can be happy and share in the chat whatever is related to gaming!! It is as it should be! Please do not talk about politics in the chat to avoid any problems and focus on what we need to do.
  7. Maturity: Is an important aspect to our clan. accept defeat without excuses, acknowledging others skills, complementing good games "ggs" are all important etiquette.
  8. Chat Talk: please no explicit talk of sexuality in chat or offensive content that someone might feel insulted or deem inappropriate. We have members from all over the world and from all walks of life. We accept and love everybody, this is a none judgment zone but please keep the chat clean!
  9. Clan Jumper Members: are unacceptable In Our Brotherhood team. You have to be sure that MCG is the right  team to join. if for some reason we identify you as a team jumper or as had a history of more than 3 teams because they kick you or because of your bad conduct!  Do not bother requiring MCG  tryouts even if you are a skilled player!
  10. Inactivity: Members Can Be Removed From Our Official Roster for inactivity please let your leaders know of your inactivity, and remember communication is the best friend for members and leaders
  11. if for any reason we find  any member shows, taking screenshots or give information about what is spoken in our official chats!  X member  can be penalized, recruiters could lose their position and become regular Members and regular members can get kicked out of MCG!  Please think carefully before sharing or giving information of our chat!
  12. Double Agents : Unacceptable for any MCG member join or be part of two clans or teams  at the same time!  please think maturely before committing such an act. It is strictly and not acceptable to participate in online/offline events representing another organization or team!  If we realize this, with immense pain in our hearts we will have to release you so that way you can join the team that wishes  to represent!